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Who We Are

We're Bri & Zoli, or collectively, Breezy

We’re professional writers, artists, activists, and traveling house- and pet-sitters living out of a fully converted skoolie (retired school bus). It is our intention to help you travel with ease knowing that your home and animals are in good hands — ours.

With more than 10 years of combined animal and home care under our belts, we are your go-to source for all your pet- and house-sitting needs!

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Full Moon

What We Offer

In addition to home- and pet-care throughout the country, we also offer hand-painted pet portraits and 3D SketchUp Designs for your next big project!


Home & Pet Sitting


Pet Portraits

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3D SketchUp Modeling

Going on that much needed vacation or simply heading out of town in the near future and want someone to keep your beloved pets and belongings safe? We're your experienced and reliable solution! 

Is your pet irresistibly adorable? If you want to commemorate your beloved animal with a beautiful hand-painted portrait on wood or a stunning photograph, then you've come to the right place! 

Do you have a vision for a new addition to your home or would you like to design your own off-grid adventure rig? We can help you create a realistic 3D model of your dream project to get the ball rolling!

Our Clients Say

Zoli and Bri have been an indispensable part of our life on our farm for over 3 years. We have rambunctious farm animals that Zoli and Bri care for when we are gone. They both have extensive animal knowledge and can handle any animal related snafu (escaped steer in road, dog snout with porcupine quills, houdini goats....).  I have called Zoli when I've had an animal situation on my hands and he's always come to the rescue without fail.
Zoli is the archetypal farm hand - he can build anything, fix anything, mend anything, and calm anyone down.
Both Zoli and Bri are lovely humans and they have brought a great energy into our lives. We highly recommend them!

Woody & Courtney, Owners of Round Meadows Farm

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