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About The Breezy Bus

Briana (Bri, she/they) is a freelance writer and explorer with a passion for conservation and sharing their love for the outdoors with others. They are a young adult who grew up in Quakerism and seeks to defy the boundaries of the Quaker faith by connecting people to the root of the Spirit and helping them to reMember their place in the natural order of life. Bri has worn many hats in the past (zookeeper, editor, freelance writer) and is now stepping fully into the role of wandering mystic, creative communicator, and contemplative activist, whatever that may entail. 

Zoli (Z) is a world traveler who embraces learning from new cultures and sharing the beauty of creating art collectively. Through the Handpan, a steel drum-like instrument of Swiss origin, he enjoys finding a deep connection with the magic of musical play and enjoys creating beautiful soundscapes to soothe the wounded soul. Zoli hopes to bring peace and healing into this broken world through his music and art.

Bri & Zoli regularly participate in non-violent direct action movements on the frontlines of eco- and social-justice movements like the Black Lives Matter uprisings and the "Stop Line 3" pipeline protests and consider themselves to be full-time environmental and social activists with a desire to make the changes they wish to see in the world, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi.

Together Bri & Z actively seek the intersection where their deep joy meets the world's deep need, and for the past 18 months that involved converting an old school bus into a sustainable tiny home on wheels. We hope the bus will allow us to minimize our impact on the environment while fulfilling our shared dream to travel and stand in solidarity with the global majority against the industries that are actively contributing to climate change.

No matter the season or where we are in the world, you can find us frolicking in the woods or mountains with our dog Kali, rock climbing, backpacking, cross-country or downhill skiing, or playing in the sacred waters wherever we happen to be, swimming, paddling, surfing and exploring all the beauty this one precious Earth has to offer.


Bri & Z have a shared vision of being able to use their gifts of communication (writing, music, photography, etc.) to collectively and transparently share the story from the front lines, while inspiring others to get involved and do what they can to support. After meeting fellow activists at the Line 3 Resistance Camps in Minnesota, it was clear that we had found our community and we felt a profound sense of belonging. We look forward to expanding our relationships with activists from all walks of life while we're on the road and see ourselves as pollinators in the movement for grassroots systemic change.


We know that the flickering spark growing within is just the beginning in an ongoing fight for what is right and we trust that committing to a life of full-time activism will allow that flame to passionately flourish into a sustainable source to ignite others' desire to live in a more just and united world. We thank you for your generous support and look forward to sharing all that we learn along the way!

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