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Mountain Ridge


Copy Writing

Are you an editor for an online publication looking for a professional, creative writer to provide content for your unique niche?

I find joy in the art of weaving words into story and crafting cohesive content about a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:


  • Travel/Van/Bus-Life

  • Yoga & Wellness

  • Mindfulness

  • Outdoor Recreation 

  • Wildlife & Environmental Conservation

  • Animism & Tending Relationships with the More-Than-Human World

  • Social & Eco-Justice Movements

  • The Climate Crisis

  • House/Pet-Sitting

  • Animal Care & Husbandry


Copy Editing

Are you launching a new website for your fledgling business? Let me help by proofreading and editing all your content for clarity and consistent messaging so your new clients will know exactly who you are and what you have to offer.


Or do you just need an essay, article, or book proofread before sending it out for publication? I'm your gal! I have experience managing a team of 15-20 writers and editing a wide variety of content ranging from websites, news publications, online magazines, gear articles, personal essays, college essays, e-books, and short stories, just to name a few.


Project Management,  Creative Coaching and Consultation

Are you a professional trying to get a major project off the ground, but need some help organizing your ideas and clarifying your vision?

I'm here to help with my project management expertise and my thorough, comprehensive approach to making big, complex projects and problems more manageable so you have more time to relax and hone your vision.

If you're new to writing and want a supportive guide to consult with and coach you through the process of getting your ideas into a publishable format, I'm here for you!

Bri's Writing Portfolio


A portfolio showcasing all the work I've published online in the last 10+ years.


Pieces that were previously published online but are no longer available to view on the original website.


A collection of pieces I've written on topics that are of interest to me personally.

Sand Dunes

Client Testimonials

Jessica, Writer at The Adventure Junkies

As a content editor, Briana was to Adventure Junkies what WD-40 is to any engine. She kept the content machine running buttery smooth, always adjusting and tweaking the process to make it even more effortless. Briana kept us well-informed of changes and took the time to explain the reasoning behind the changes in detail so we could follow the logic to adjust our approach. She treated her writers and assistant editors with respect and dignity, and even went over-and-above to take personal investment in us and our compensation. As a freelancer, I have complete control over whom I choose to work with, and it's sincere, attentive editors like Briana who cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Jonathan, Writer at The Adventure Junkies

It is with great honor that I am able to attest to the skill, character, and mentorship abilities that Briana has exemplified in our time working together! Her ability to lead, organize, and coordinate the efforts of 20+ remote content writers into a unified vision and voice, while encouraging each writer to articulate their own unique writing style, has made a lasting impression upon me. She is thoughtful, collaborative, and challenges her content writers to continually hone their craft.
Briana’s management style is highly organized and extremely effective. She created a writer’s guide that streamlined the onboarding process, hired a quality team, and then introduced a predictive content cadence that helped forecast and manage the content funnel.
She would be a highly valuable addition to any team, especially where content editing, structural organization, and management are required.

Liza, Writer at The Adventure Junkies

I have written for several blogs, websites, and magazines, and Briana has been one of the very best editors to work with. When I first started writing for The Adventure Junkies, I struggled to find the voice of the company, but Briana didn’t give up on me. In fact, she did just the opposite. She gave me constructive feedback and provided a number of examples of ways I could improve my writing, eventually shaping my voice into one that was cohesive with the rest of our site. As a writer, I so appreciated her investment in my work when I struggled a bit initially. This is what every writer hopes for in an editor, but it is hard to find! I would love to work with Bri again in the future, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so.

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