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The Breezy Bus Travelogue: Support Indigenous Resistance

Our group of Line 3 Resistance Activists & Water Protectors, Jan. 2021

Dear Friends, As some of you may recall, in the early winter of 2021 we (Briana & Zoli) traveled to northern Minnesota with a group of fellow Earth activists to stand in solidarity with Anishinaabe and Ojibwe Indigenous leaders, including our dear friend Tara Houska, to protest Enbridge Inc. and the Line 3 Pipeline. We locked ourselves to barrels and a piano one frigid February morning to block access to a fueling station, which prevented construction of the pipeline for that entire morning. By the end of the day, 14 activists had been arrested (including us) and taken to the nearby Hubbard County Jail. You can watch a brief video recap of the Piano Blockade here and see Briana and Friend Jay O'Hara locked down together as well as many of our fellow courageous activists. For context, Tara is the Indigenous woman narrating most of the video. Zoli served as a vital support person behind the scenes. Many of you supported our resistance efforts in 2021 through financial donations, mutual aid contributions, and vocal encouragement - thank you. We remain deeply grateful for the ways in which you showed up to support us and the Indigenous communities we were called to stand in solidarity with and we hope to garner such support once again.



The movement we are led to support now is not an acute resistance like Line 3, but rather a proactive effort to provide a training camp and retreat center for future activists of all ages. We will be joining a group of committed activists and allies next week (July 10th - 18th) who are co-conspiring to help our beloved friend Tara Houska in her efforts to create this Indigenous-led activist training and retreat center.

In 2022 Tara acquired a former rustic resort in Anishinaabe territory, on the U.S./Canadian border in northern Minnesota. Her vision is to create a decolonized Indigenous space that supports re-learning what is sacred, a training space for activists to practice deep, embodied (re-)connection to Mother Earth and all our relations, and a retreat space where rest and recovery in community are possible.

We are a circle of people deeply concerned about the longstanding destructive nature of extractive capitalism and white supremacy culture. We are old friends and new friends who seek to create spiritual community wherever we go; we pray that the way we live and everything we say and do moves us closer to love and justice. We deeply support Tara’s vision, and intend to show up with humility, asking first and foremost how we can best be of service.

We will be bringing The Breezy Bus to Tara’s property on Monday, July 10th to join the crew and begin helping out in whatever ways are needed. The camp has been abandoned and neglected for years, and thus is in dire need of repair.

We plan to build a yurt platform, reinforce rundown cabins and other structures in need of repair, clean and paint numerous outbuildings on the property, and tend to gardens that need weeding and fences that need mending. In our group we have skilled carpenters, landscapers, gardeners, and willing-if-unskilled laborers (not to mention singers, poets, artists, contemplative activists, and wandering mystics). We are all volunteers, and we expect to get a lot done!

We seek to raise enough funds to purchase supplies and to support travel expenses of group members living outside the confines of capitalism, the deep practitioners of the solidarity economy. Donations will also go towards helping to pay down Giniw Collective’s mortgage on the land. Unfortunately our group is unable at this time to organize a full-fledged fundraiser through a collective online platform, so we've been asked to request donations from our communities through our own means.

We realize this is very short notice, and want to assure you that any donations sent after the time we are in Camp will continue to support Tara's vision and our on-going activism on the road. If you are willing and able to offer any amount of financial support, please do so by sending your donation to us via this link: VenMo @TheBreezyBus.

Please specify if you would like your donation to go towards a particular cause (i.e. Transportation Costs, Material Acquisition, Food & Gifts, Direct Donation to Giniw Collective, On-going Support for The Breezy Bus Activism, etc.) and we will allocate the funds accordingly. If VenMo will not work for you as a donation platform but you still want to donate, please contact us by responding to this email and we can provide other options for receiving funds.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support, we truly cannot do this work without you. We are forever grateful for our community and hope to be able to give back as much as we receive, if not more as time and Spirit allow. Please don't hesitate to reach out by responding to this email if you have any questions or concerns.



With Gratitude & Blessings on the Breeze,


Giniw Collective is an indigenous-women, 2-spirit led frontline resistance movement created to protect our Mother, defend the sacred, and live in balance.

Indigenous activist, lawyer, Line 3 resistance leader, founder of the Giniw Collective, and 2023 recipient of the Rose-Walters Prize for Global Environmental Activism

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