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A good night's sleep while camping is an essential ingredient to ensuring you enjoy yourself on the trail. There are lots of things that factor into sleeping well under the stars -the R-Value of your sleeping pad, warmth of your sleeping bag, and the clothes you sleep in, just to name a few - but one of the most overlooked contributing factors is whether or not you choose to use a camping pillow.


Climbing mobile apps are fast becoming an essential tool for finding crags, learning about specific climbs on-the-go, navigating in the backcountry, connecting with the climbing community, and training to become a better climber.


Have you ever gone to the gym alone, hoping to find a friend to climb with, but to no avail? In the past, you would have been plum out of luck if you couldn’t find someone to be your belay slave. Nowadays, many climbing gyms have incorporated a useful device to help individuals climb without a belay partner - the auto belay.


I never went to Moore’s Wall when I was dating an experienced trad-climber. The elusive North Carolina trad-heaven became a storied destination in my head, whispered amongst my small circle of gym rat friends. I had only recently broken into the esoteric world of outdoor rock climbing and up to that point in my climbing career, I had only ever followed one partner up the wall.


We were all kids once, and some of us are still children at heart. For anyone who’s ever had kids of their own or worked with them, you know young children have an uncanny desire to climb anything and everything within reach!


Are you looking to increase your grip strength and put your fingers to the test to improve your climbing? Then you should consider investing in a hangboard (AKA finger board or training board)! Hangboard training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to get strong fast. All you need is a hangboard and 30 minutes twice a week - no gym time required!


My biggest takeaway from the Women’s Climbing Festival was confidence. Before the women’s weekend, I’d been “learning” to lead trad for more than six months. I was hesitant to lead anything outside after a nasty whipper left me bruised and battered early in the year. In the gym, I was an animal. Plastic felt safer than rock, and I trusted in the systems that were put in place by other people (metal hangers and bolted anchors) more than the pro I placed myself.


We’re here to give you a synopsis of ten of the best climbing films of all time. Each of these documentaries are based on a true story - no Hollywood acting here!


“Our crap runs downstream, whether the stream is literal or temporal,” said Maia Dery, instructor of art and experiential learning specialist. “The people and other organisms downstream are dealing with every last thing we allow to run off or out of our campus parking lots, our woods, our cars and, in my case, our photo labs.”

Previously Published

A collection of pieces that were previously published online but are no longer available to view on the original website.

Daisy Maned Lioness.JPG

Have you ever wondered why only male lions grow manes? Well so have we here at the Conservators Center, home to 15 African Lions and a wide variety of other exotic wildlife species. All seven of our male lions sport luxurious examples of the characteristic lion’s mane, ranging in color from sandy blonde to nearly black. Our female lionesses, most of which live with at least one male lion, tend to be slightly smaller in stature than our males and ordinarily lack the distinguishing feature of a mane - with one startling exception.


Spring is the season of new beginnings and budding romance, and the animals at the Conservators Center sure are feeling affectionate! There is no one way to love here at the Center, and the ways in which our animals display affection are vast and varied. Each species in our care has a different way of expressing tenderness, both with their four-legged companions and their two-legged friends who do their best to reciprocate the affection appropriately.


With the onset of winter comes a flurry of worry neatly packed in the deceptive shape of an innocent snowflake, too beautiful to warrant the mountain of concern brought on by the possibility of snow falling at the Conservators Center. I can think of few things more inherently challenging than caring for lions, tigers, binturongs, and other animals adapted to warm weather climates during a whiteout blizzard.

Ghost Writing


Do you remember the last time you went hiking out in nature? If not, this might be the reason for any heightened stress levels, anxiety, or a general feeling of disconnect you are experiencing.
It can be challenging to find time in your busy life to spend outdoors. But there is significant scientific evidence supporting the age-old idiom “take a hike.”


The alpine lakes, snowy mountain peaks, and vast expanses of untouched land speckle the landscape of Colorado, offering endless opportunities for both humans and canines alike to get outdoors.


If you have an active dog, you know how important it is to ensure they get enough daily exercise. One great way to stretch your legs and get your dog(s) in motion is to go for a hike through one of the most breathtaking regions of the country, Colorado.


Your climbing rope is your lifeline at the crag. Proper care and maintenance of your rope will ensure it weathers all your wild adventures together, from top roping in the gym to scaling big walls in Yosemite.

A clean, gristle free rope will not only slide smoothly through your belay device, it could also save your life by preventing unnecessary wear and tear that could lead to it becoming core shot - something every climber wants to avoid.

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